Been a while

Wow, can’t believe it has been almost a year since I have wrote on the blog.  A lot has happened since my time away. We welcomed a new baby BOY in April! We named him Gabe. We are completely smitten with him and Big Brother is just amazing. He has been such a big help with Gabe and he is absolutely in love with him.


Meet Gabe!


Graham meeting Gabe for the first time


He loved him from the start



In other news, we have been working on the house, non stop, this whole summer. It has been stressful but fun. It is coming out beautiful. We CAN NOT wait to move in! Our deadline is February 1st. I’m really hoping it is before then but we shall see. I will be updating with pictures of the house and also pictures of the paint swatches, faucet finishes, lighting, etc. It’s all so exciting!

Until then, Salute!

~ Min

New Beginnings

I know it has been a while since I have updated the blog. We have been quit busy lately. So here is the news: We bought a new house, we sold our old house, we moved in with my parents, and G is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! I meant it when I said we were busy!

So I guess to the biggest news, I am 16 weeks pregnant and we are beyond excited to be giving G a sibling. At first we were in a bit of shock and then as that slowly faded we became more and more excited for the future. We are going to be Team Green, meaning we are not finding out the sex this time. With G, we knew that we wanted to find out. We had a gender reveal party and the boy themed baby shower. This time around, we wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of finding out in the delivery room. We can’t wait to hear, “It’s a GIRL!” or “It’s a BOY!” as he or she is brought into this world. It’s one of the very few surprises that we can experience in life, why not experience it?! Now comes the debating of baby names…geez, it’s a struggle.

So on to the next big topic, we bought a house! Well its a dump. We just recently knocked it down and we are starting the process of building. This is a whole new scary territory for me. I have only ever experienced renovating a house, never building. I have watched my brother, brother-in-law, and friends all build homes and I know that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into this project. It’s exciting but very nerve wrecking at the same time. Here are a couple pictures of the house being knocked down:


We are so thankful that my parents are letting us stay with them through this whole process. We have the whole upstairs of their house to ourselves. It is amazing to have the help with G while my Dear Husband “DH” is at work. I’m not going to lie, with my hormones raging and living with my parents, it’s not going to be all peachy keen, but I know that this is all a step in the right direction. We know that we will most definitely still be living with them when we have the new little one. It will be a blessing to have the extra help with two babies under two years old. Gosh, I really don’t think I can say it enough…we are so THANKFUL and BLESSED! Both DH and myself have amazing families.

So on to new beginnings! I can’t wait to share the journey.

~ Min

My Week in Pictures * March 16-23 *

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks! We have so many birthday parties this week, it is ridiculous. Scotty’s birthday is today!! He is rocking that 33 like no other…he is my sweet thang. My niece and nephew are celebrating their birthday’s tomorrow and Graham’s Birthday is on Thursday. I feel like a chicken with their head cut off. I have so many party supplies all over our house that it looks like blue and green threw up on everything. It will probably be just me and Scotty on Thursday to celebrate Graham turning a year (maybe our parents too)…then the big bash will be on Sunday with family and friends. I’ll give you a hint about the theme…Don’t forget your ‘stache!

I wanted to share my week in pictures. Two things I need to mentions right away: 1. These are all from my iPhone, so please excuse the horrible grain. 2. Note to self- CARRY YOUR CANON MORE! Here we go!!

Sunday, March 16th – My cousin and I went to pick up Graham’s Birthday Chalkboard. I am in LOVE! It’s perfect and a local girl hand painted this! Doesn’t it look amazing?!

photo 1


Monday, March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day! I had work so my mom took this picture of him for me…my little Irishman looks precious in his green.

photo 2


Tuesday, March 18th – My mother in law was throwing out a wreath and I asked her if I could take it. I took all the flowers off and got my own. I picked up some jute ribbon and a big “R” for our last name. I then tried to re-create a wreath I saw on Pinterest. I think it came out pretty good.

photo 3

 After I played with that, I went in the backyard and took some pictures of Graham for his 1 year session. The feet shot is just a little sneak peek.

photo 4

Wednesday, March 19th – The kids LOVE the golf cart that my parents have. Every time they pull it out, they all want to go for a ride down the drive way or in the yard.

photo 5


Thursday, March 20th – My car has been acting up. The mechanic at work figured out that I had a broken motor mount. It rides much better now that it’s fixed!

photo 6

 When I finally got home from work, I tried to attempt a trial cake for Graham’s party. It came out ok…not the colors that I was really going for. I think I’m going to go with the same technique but pipe just plain white. I think it will look cleaner and be a little easier… 7


Friday, March 21st – My sister, cousin, and I went to the park and they helped me with taking the rest of  Graham’s 1 years pictures. He loved playing with the balloons when we got 13

Later on that night, I realized that I didn’t finish sewing my nieces birthday present. Graham was peeking at me while I was sewing…he loved watching. photo 9

Saturday, March 22nd – I was finishing up Parker’s birthday outfit…I finished two hours before her party! Just in time…yikes I am so last minute! ha.

photo 12


Sunday, March 23rd – My mother in law found my husband’s Cabbage Patch doll from over 30 years ago. She cleaned it up and we gave it to Graham to play with. He loves it. I love the saying that “if you give a boy a doll to play with when he is younger; he just might grow up to be an amazing father”. I think that statement is so true.

photo 10

Later we went to my parents house and my nephew, Clay, and Graham were playing on a little hot wheels bike. *Don’t worry, Graham did not ride this without someone holding on to him and pushing the button for him…for the picture we had him sit alone.*

photo 11

photo 16

I loved doing this weekly journal in pictures. I hope you did too!


“For the Record” Friday’s

I’ve decided to join some Mommy Blogging friends of mine in a Blog Hop called “For the Record” Friday’s. It will be a fun way for you to know me better on a week to week bases.

So here we go…

1. My favorite picture of the week.

We went out to the parades on Sunday with my in-laws. We had a blast! It was Graham’s first time at the parades for Mardi Gras and he seemed to enjoy all the craziness. It was so hot though! Thank God I brought sunscreen for my fair skinned Irishman. I had to put some on top of his head so his scalp didn’t burn. So in the process, I gave him a little faux hawk! Bryce, my nephew, wanted one too. So this is the adorable picture of the two boy cousins working the faux hawk during Mardi Gras!

 bryce and graham

2. What TV shows are you addicted to right now?

Well I was completely obsessed with Downton Abbey but the season is over. Booo! So now, I am religiously watching Grey’s Anatomy. I had been watching this show or a long time now and it just has this hold on me…and it won’t let go.

3. Song you can’t stop listening to?

That would be “Happy”…oh my goodness…I have it on repeat. Well, that song and “The Meatball Song” (Graham’s favorite!)

4. What books, if any, did you read this week?

Divergent by Veronica Roth

This is my third time reading it…yea I’m one of those weirdos that reads the same book over and over again. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. I always have to read the book before seeing the movie. I have to determine how well the stuck to the book. It’s a pet peeve of mine when they don’t.

5. Something funny and/or awesome that happened this week…

My parents and my sister’s family are all skiing right now and I decided to Facetime them with Graham. I know how much my mom misses him. He was so excited to see them! It was hilarious to watch him face light up but you could tell he was so confused at what was going on. Now every time he sees my phone he gets excited. So darn cute!

6. Something not so awesome that happened this week…

I had to cancel my hair appointment, that was suppose to be today. I need it bad too. Also, my back hurts again. This 30 pounder is killing my back!

7. Favorite blog post…

hmmmmm. I think I’m going to say my Breastfeeding Journey would have to be my favorite.

8. The best dinner you had this week?

Easy! Pizza and Pinot Noir. Oh yea baby!

9. Plans for the weekend…

Going to a co-worker’s daughters wedding and also going to celebrate my best friend turning 31 with some bowling!


I am going to try and use new questions every Friday! Happy Friday Everyone!


~ Mindy


Well it’s Ash Wednesday and I am so excited that Easter will be here soon!

I have been contemplating what I am going to give up for Lent this year. Of course I could do the normal no soft drinks or no bread but I feel like I need to do something different. I need to do something more spiritual.  What if instead of giving up something…I GIVE something. It could be a charitable donation, buying the coffee for the person in front of you, helping the elderly with their grocery bags, etc. I know the whole point of giving up something is to signify Jesus giving himself up for us.  But I feel that it would be more significant and more Christ-like to give of myself to others. A simple way of Paying it Forward. I open the challenge for you as well…

Talking of challenges…I have also decided to do a challenge with my fellow March Mom Group. We are calling it 40 Bags in 40 Days. You have to get rid of 40 bags of stuff/junk that is cluttering your house in the days of Lent. One piece of furniture is considered “a bag”. The bags can be the normal black garbage bag size or it can be a grocery bag size. Whichever your prefer.  You can bring them to Goodwill, a consignment shop, or even throw it out for garbage (if it can’t be recycled). This is a fun challenge to get our houses prepped for Spring Cleaning. So go through those closets and start cleaning up the clutter!

Happy Easter!

~ Mindy

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